German Championchips 2018 in Munich.                  Go for Gold!

Gold Medal, German Champion, 30.Juni 2018

Go for gold!

I was medium heavy, Master 5.

I started in Heavy Master 4. My first fight.

Hey kids, hey parents, here is my official instructors certification in one of the biggest association for marterial arts worldwide: GRACIE BARRA . So let´s go. Oss

Graduation blue, one stripe, 05.Januar 2019

European Championchip Januar 2019 in Lissabon/Portugal

3. Platz, Bronze Medal, European Campionchips 2019

Berlin Open 2019

3. Platz, Bronze Medal in München 2019

European Championchip 2020 in Lissabon, Portugal

Silber und Silber in der open Class European Championchips 2020.